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Jerre Reese and D.J. Stultz keep coming up with new ideas to challenge our brains and creativity.

Bodacious Bird Challenge - Click here to see the entries.

Many of you got to see the adorable “bodacious bird” our clever challenge ladies presented at the January meeting.  The pattern for the bird is on page 5 of the February newsletter.  Feel free to use this pattern or any other bird you may find.  You can make your bird any size you wish.  There is no size requirement for this challenge.  However, if you want to make the bird the size you saw at the meeting you will have to enlarge the pattern by 300%.  Or make it 200%, or a miniature if you want. . .it’s up to you!  Use colorful fabrics and have fun embellishing your bird.  If you aren’t able to enlarge the pattern at home, you can go to your local Office Depot or other copy center.  This challenge is due at the May meeting.  Any questions, check with Jerre Reese or D.J. Stultz.

"Color Wheel Challenge"

The project was a table runner.  Instructions were to choose a main color for your project.  Look at a color wheel to find the opposite color to your main color; this will be your secondary color.  Don’t be afraid to use shades or tints of your colors. For example, instead of green and red, you might use mint and pink; or consider peach and baby blue, lemon and lavender or magenta and lime.  Be creative.  There are hundreds of color combinations possible!!  You can make your table runner any size you wish and use any technique like pieced, appliqué, whole cloth or a combination of techniques.  Lastly, you may also add a small amount of black, white or grey. There were a lot of beautiful, creative entries.

Click on images to enlarge
1st Place -- Anna Henry
2nd Place -- Pat Sprecher (Pat was not at the meeting.  Guess who  is  holding her entry?)
3rd Place -- Kathleen Stuart

Past challenges were:

"Happy Hour" Challenge

The challenge was to take your favorite "happy hour" - it could be at the beach, in your sewing room, spending time with your grandchildren, etc. Creat a wallhanging no larger than 20" on each side of whatever your happy hour is.

And the winners are:

Maxi Lardiere - 2nd Place

Mary Harrigan - 1st Place

Louisa Jordan - 3rd Place



          "Dee's Brick Trick"

       Charity Quilt Challenge





This challenge was due at the October meeting -- this is another pattern for a charity quilt.  The block finishes to 16" and only has 3 seams to match.  The challenge will be to use this block to make a completed quilt (quilted and bound) to be donated for charity.  It can be any size; 4 blocks will make a beautiful baby quilt, 6 blocks for a Hospice quilt of more blocks for QOV.  Be creative and see what you can come up with.


"If The Shoe Fits" -- Participants were given a small square of tiger fabric. The challenge is to make anything:  pillow, tote bag, table runner, small, medium or large bed or wall quilt.  Or, it can be an actual pair of shoes!! The only stipulation is that it must contain a recognizeable amount of the tiger fabric. This challenge was due at the June 20 meeting.

"Fascinator Challenge" -- This challenge is based on those crazy hats British Ladies wear balanced on the side of their heads.  Your Fascinator should reflect your personality and interests.  We suggest you use a circle of cardboard sewn to a headband for the base  Putting 2 small holes about 1/2" apart in the cardboard before sewing to headband will make it easy to sew.  The circle can be no larger than 6.”  If you want an oval base, the oval can be no larger than 6 at it's widest point.  Cover the cardboard with fabric (a giant yo-yo makes it easy) and decorate it any way you wish.  At the meeting, wear your fascinator and we will pin a number on you for members to use in the voting.  Prizes will be given for funniest, prettiest and most creative.  Questions?  Call D.J. or Jerre.


And the winners are:


Marie West won for both the

Most Creative and the Funniest


Cheri Fett won the Prettiest.





Grab Bag -- You will grab a bag and in that bag you will find a piece of fabric. You are to use at least an 8" piece of fabric found in the bag and add whatever other fabrics you want to add.  Make whatever you want to make and whatever size you wish.


The winners of this challenge were:


1st Place - Roberta Seran

     2nd Place - Bev Clement

            3rd Place - Kathy Aparicio
















Miniature -- Individual blocks to be no larger than 4" on a side or, if it is a rectangle, no larger than 4" on the longest side.  Completed size to be no larger than 24" on a side.  Blocks, borders and binding should also be to scale.


Design A Block --The challenge was to create your own variation of the familiar "Ohio Star" block.  A copy of the block, along with details regarding the challenge, are in the September newsletter.


Crayon Challenge -- members selected a crayon from a box. They were challenged to make a baby quilt or Quilt of Valor that featured that color.  The crayon was attached to the completed quilts.  Members then voted on the best use of the color and prizes were awarded.  Some of the quilts were donated to our charity - Family Outreach of Horry County, or to the Quilts of Valor Foundation.


When Pigs Fly -- members were given a 10" square of the most "gorgeous" pig-design fabric.  The challenge was to make something (anything) with that fabric.  It was very interesting to see the variety of items that were created.  Everything from a book to a wall hanging.


What's In A Number -- members were to make a wall hanging using "3."  That could be 3 fabrics, 3 blocks, 3 embellishments or 3 of 3 different techniques.

Again, it was interesting to see how our members interpreted this challenge. 

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