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Altered Panel Challenge

As it doesn't appear we will be meeting before the year 2020 becomes a distant memory, your hardworking Challenge coordinators decided to go ahead with voting on the Altered Panel Challenge.

This challenge was originally due in May but that date has been, necessarily, changed several times.

Several of our members worked hard on their challenge and we want them to get the recognition they deserve.  Photos of the eleven entries are posted here for you to vote on your favorite.

         Vote once for your favorite panel

         E-mail your vote to newsletter editor, Dawn Dilley, at

         Include your name in your e-mail.

         Deadline for voting is Thursday, October, 8

Winners will be posted in the October newsletter and prizes will be mailed.

Click on each photo to see a larger image.

Entry #1

Pam Hays

Entry #2

Mary Harrigan


Entry #3

Brenda Call

Entry #4

Christine Van Horn

also #4

to show quilting


Entry #5

Pam Hays

Entry #6

Beth Blankenstein

Entry #7

Elena Gelletly

Entry #8

Karen Preston

PD-H 3 challenge quilt fostering

Entry #9

Pam Hays

Entry #10

Cathy Story

Entry #11

Gilma Caslin

Entry #12

Kathy Petkis

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